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The Ultimate ID System

QRepublik ID is a comprehensive medical ID solution that provides an easy way to access, store, and manage your health information. Your medical profile can be accessed anytime, anywhere via QRepublik ID Products such as bracelets, sticker kits, and sleeve ID for watchband. Give yourself and your family peace of mind with QRepublik Med ID.

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older people need help walking and only 8% stay within their home50%
people over 60 years old fall at least once a year and about 54% are seriously injured30%
people over 60 develop dementia15%

Our advantages

The Medical Alert ID is designed to speak instead of you when you cannot.

  • First Responders can access your profile in 3-5 seconds or less, telling them who you are, whom to contact with, and how to save your life.

  • A doctor may be of no help if you can’t communicate clearly. QRepublik stores all of your medical information in one place for quick and easy reference.

  • Your extensive medical profile is immediately available everytime, everywhere.

  • The most complete set of health information for emergency services.

Our advantages

Why QRepublik

  • Manage your data

    The data displayed in the case of ID scanning is entered through your personal account on the QRepublik profile.

  • Innovative technologies QRepublik Key and QRepublik AI

    GDPR&HIPAA compliance

  • Who should wear a medical ID

    People with certain medical conditions wear medical IDs to alert emergency medical professionals in an emergency.

How does it work?

  • Fill your profile

    Fill all the necessary data in as much detail as possible, this will provide additional information about your health.
    You can download your
    QR code for free.

  • Link products

    Link bracelets, Medical ID sleeves to the profile, the quantity is not limited. This is cool!

  • Family profile

    Add your family members and manage their profiles from your account.

  • Manage your data

    Manage data in your personal account. Add, change or delete data at any time. The saved information is displayed when you scan your QR code.

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About us

QRepublik is an innovative company founded in 2016 with headquarters in Strasbourg, France and New York City, US. Now QRepublik service have thousands of customers all over the world with an overwhelming majority in the United States

QRepublik's products are focused on personal safety solutions like smart medical, travel and active lifestyle IDs which are the only ones in the world to support 17 languages, having GDPR&HIPAA-friendly information translations system and multiple business and corporate functions.

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